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Zero Sticky Residue Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning In San Diego

Carpet Cleaning In San Diego - The Non Residues Quick Dry Way

Cleaning the zero residue way without leaving left over soap to turn sticky and dry crunchy is truly an art form that most carpet cleaners don’t know how to deliver unfortunately. It’s simple to leave a satisfying result. A technician must know what they're doing when it comes to mixing the soap cleaning solutions, how strong to make them, how much of it to use or put down on the carpet so that they won't lose control of the liquid, and for how long to let it dwell before they start the steam extraction process.

Hazardous Chemicals

It's really basic when it comes down to it. There's not really a whole lot involved in the procedure. Dirt and grease spots coming back up through the carpet fibers and making the potential for a carpet to dry sticky is not what a quality carpet cleaner that truly knows a thing or two about zero residue is going to provide you with.

A technician over wetting the carpet ends up losing control of that liquid most of the time. There was also soap cleaning solution mixed in with that liquid as well. They just ended up putting too much down during the pre-treatment phase or preconditioning phase and couldn't recover that liquid quick enough number one.

Getting Carpet To Dry Fast

The second part to that equation was that due to improper cleaning techniques via the wand stroke for example, they injected way too much water into the carpet and didn’t recover it quick enough during their “steam” extraction phase simply allowing the excess liquid to sink deep into the padding and beyond that making contact with either the wood subflooring or concrete slab depending on what floor you are on. These deep zones are where a tremendous amount of dirt dwells, also where crystallization from dog and cat pee reside. Excess liquid makes contact with all of that and now you have a dirty stinky, sticky mess!

Now, they might get lucky with their cleaning techniques and soap solution applications during the hot summer months when the climate can evaporate moisture quick from a carpet, but even hot summer months is not enough to stop excessive moisture from making contact with any sort of underlying dirt that exists in the carpet backing and padding.

The reason why moisture control is important for carpet cleaners is so that spots won't resurface. The reason why it's so important to pre-treat or pre-condition the carpet first with the right amount of cleaning solution is because running it through your truck mount system in conjunction with the same water a carpet cleaner is supposed to be flushing and rinsing with will inevitably lead to soapy sticky residue that pulls dust and dirt to it like a magnetic object making a carpet dirty again very quickly.

A carpet cleaning San Diego technician doesn't want to create a hazardous toxic soup for their customer or client to have to walk around on or have their babies or there kids crawl around on or their dogs or pets to have to be subjected to.

What you need to do is you need to find a zero residue carpet cleaner that can perform accordingly, the functions of a true quality carpet cleaner. Hiring a company to provide you with thorough and correct carpet cleaning, the art of rinsing, flushing, and sanitizing thoroughly, the bacteria, grease, grime, and dirt along with the cleaning soap they use on your carpeting and flooring is what you want and deserve, so that your carpets are left smelling fresh, looking clean, feeling clean, and smelling clean.


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